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Try a brand-new sport – NORDIC WALKING. In one hour you can incinerate 400 kcal from your body, improve your body holding and increase your physical condition of 40%. Th e NORDIC WALKING comes from Finland. Th is sport is suitable for everybody without regard to talent, physical condition and age. It is walking with special walking poles. Many people say the NORDIC WALKING is a new "salutary sport".


  1. Carlsbad Region – place of many beautiful pathways and places
  2. It is suitable not only for sportsmen and young people. Also obese people or older people or people suff ering from joint defects can practice this sport without problems
  3. Nordic Walking improves bone density and prevents osteoporosis
  4. It helps to reduce anxiety and create euphoria
  5. It increases the consumption of calories on average of 20% in comparison with normal walking
  6. It release the muscle tension, increases the mobility of the backbone, protects joints and knees
  7. It integrates 90% of muscles into the movement and strengthens them
  8. This sport is also very popular and demanded because of its certain social aspect, it is practiced in groups, people become friends and enjoy the entertainment
  9. Before the patient starts to practice this sport he is informed about a right usage of walking poles and a trained instructor demonstrates a right technique of walking
  10. You can practice the NORDIC WALKING anywhere – in the city, park, forest and mountains. However the most suitable is the free nature.


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